Tanks was my first game. It was the first time I took the programming knowledge I learned in class and made a legitimate application with it. It is a simple game, with blocks for walls and two tanks spawned on the screen. The goal of the game is simply to destroy the other tank, with each death taking away from the player's lives count. This was made in the second quarter of my first year at RIT, and while a basic game, it was a great experience. 


The game is based in Windows Forms and programmed in C# using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. The stats of the game are tracked in the window bar and the game is controlled using the keyboard. The game is also multiplayer compatible, with two sets of keys on the keyboard so each player can control their tank.

Natural Selection

While Tanks was my first game, Natural Selection was my first real game design experience. This project was the final project for my first year Game Software Design sequence, and it encapsulated a lot of what I learned in the classes I took during my first year. This game was a team project that I worked on with 3 other classmates, and it was the first collaborative programming experience I had. I spent the majority of the game doing level design, coding level loading and screen scrolling, and implementing a working collectibles system. As the project progressed, I also assisted the Core Systems Architect with some of the core coding of the game and was involved in the balancing and testing process as well.

The game itself is a 2D platform game similar to the original Super Mario games. In the game you play as an animal with the ability to change form, from a nice little animal into a super fast creature or a hulking karate-using beast. The enemies in the game are kind of stupid, simply pacing back and forth until you get in range of them, but the game itself plays well and the boss battle at the end is a joy to fight. The game makes you utilize the 3 forms in order to beat the boss, and the overall game is great, considering it was my groups first time making a game.